What is our innovation strategy?

How do innovation and efficiency fit together?

Innovation and efficiency fit together as one programme across Linklaters globally. Ideas for how to be innovative and how to deliver our services to clients more efficiently will come from all parts of the firm. We need to spot game-changing innovations, encourage ideas as to how we sustain and grow our business and support incremental innovation - doing what we do now, but more efficiently. All types of innovation are important for the future of our business.

How will this work?

There are practice and office based Innovation and Efficiency (PIE) teams in place, with partner sponsors and facilitated by business managers or COOs. These teams are led by the Practice Innovation and Efficiency Steering Group.

The global Innovation Team leads the firm’s strategic approach to innovation (the Think > Do > Shout strategy), working together with the Practice Innovation and Efficiency Steering Group.

It is important that we make it easy for people with ideas to know where to take them. In the first instance this is likely to be your local PIE team. There will also be an online ideas pathway so that anyone can see what has already been done, what ideas are in the pipeline (both in the practices and in the innovation lab) and how to connect with the right teams. We will shout about all aspects of innovation and efficiency throughout the firm.

Linklaters Innovation
Innovation do shout think

Innovation is broad – far wider than just technology.

Practice and Office Innovation and Efficiency (“PIE”) teams are leading innovation and efficiency initiatives throughout the firm.